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Latin ✦ Hip-Hop ✦ Dancehall ✦ Afrobeats

Every Friday at The BackyarD @ 9PM

With DJs Malibu & Bnard 

  • Is The Backyard part of Boca Fiesta or Palomino?
    The Backyard may be connected to Boca Fiesta and Palomino but we are our own, separate business! We do however serve Boca Fiesta's menu (except for on very busy nights) and you may bring drinks in and out of all 3 bars!
  • Is The Backyard wheelchair accessible?
    YEP! All 3 bars in our complex are completely wheelchair accessible!
  • What are the age restrictions at The Backyard?
    This one is all over the place. The Backyard is all ages during early hours but events, usually starting at 9 or 10, will have different age restrictions. Live music events are usually 18+ due to Gainesville ordinances, but under 18 can enter accompanied by a parent or "guardian". If you are concerned about this, please check out the flyer, event page, etc. of the event you're interested in. Weekly event age restrictions: Karaoke(Monday nights): 18+ Trivia(Tuesday and Thursday nights): All ages Malibu Nights(Friday nights): 21+ ....obviously you have to be 21 to drink.
  • Can I bring my dog to The Backyard?
    Yes!...sometimes. We do love our four legged, furry friends but please do not try to bring them to busy and loud events. As a general rule we do not let dogs in past 10pm because that is when louder events will usually take place. Rules for bringing dogs: -No aggressive dogs(other people may have dogs with them) -Dogs must remain on leash and near you at all times. -Make sure they have water! Ask your bartender for a bowl! :) *Please remember not everyone likes dogs so please be respectful. Your pooch may be friendly but they can still bum someone else out.
  • Can I rent The Backyard for a private event?
    YES! We do rent out The Backyard(or Palomino or both) for private and public events for many businesses, groups, organizations, etc. Boca Fiesta also offers in-house catering. We do have some days that are a little harder or impossible to book(we never rent venue out on Fridays!). Please send us an email at with this info: -Full name -Phone number -Email address -Company/Organization -The Backyard, Palomino, or both? -Private party/open to public? -If not private- would you like to reserve tables(backyard) or pool tables(palomino)? -# of people attending -Budget -Group tab or individual pay? -If Group tab- Would you like an open bar or to choose what your guests may order on the tab? -Require catering(Boca Fiesta)? -Production requirements? i.e. microphone(s), projectors, tv's, etc. -Any other info you would like us to know?
  • Can I play/perform/book a show/hop on a show/etc. at The Backyard?
    Maybe! Send us an email to with any and all info you would like us to have and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Do you serve food?
    Yep! The Backyard is connected to the restaurant Boca Fiesta. So we started serving their full menu(except for guacamole) on most days. Later evenings during busy events we may cut off food service because it can get overwhelming. But you can also go inside Boca Fiesta and grab some food and bring it out back! Food is always served during trivia on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Did I leave my credit card/phone/random item there??
    Maybe! There are 3 bars in our complex so if you lost something or think you left something here, please come check during open hours! *Calling/messaging us will not usually help. We have lots of lost item inquiries. Our social media managers are not always on site and it is difficult to communicate with all 3 business's employees to find your item. PLEASE JUST COME CHECK! (= Backyard hours: Mon: 6pm-2am Tues-Thurs: 6pm-11pm Fri-Sat: 6pm-2am Sun: Closed Palomino hours: Mon-Sat: 4pm-2am Sun: 1pm-11pm Boca Fiesta hours: Mon-Sat: 4pm-11pm Sun: Closed
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